Qual é o valor desta moeda de 1 Real das Olimpíadas?

O item aborda o valor das moedas olímpicas de 1 Real emitidas pelo Brasil para os Jogos Olímpicos de 2016 no Rio de Janeiro. Moedas raras podem valer uma pequena riqueza.

How Much Is This Coin Worth of the 1 Real Olympics?

Looking for Rare Olympic 1 Real coins issued by Brazil for the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, they carry a value far beyond their face value. These coins can reach impressive values, worth a small fortune. In this article, we will explore in detail the 1 Real Coin of Athletics and discover the value it can reach!

The Fascination of Rare Coins

Often, the value of a coin can greatly affect its face value due to its rarity. Rare Olympic 1 Real coins are a perfect example of this. But, before we dive deeper into this story, let’s understand what makes a coin rare.

Factors that Contribute to the Rarity of a Coin

There are many factors that contribute to the rarity of a coin. Age, minted, and condition of the coin are crucial factors. Let’s understand this better.

Age of the Coin

Usually, the older the coin, the rarer it is. Ancient coins are often harder to find, making them rarer.

Minted Quantity

Some coins are rare because they were produced in limited numbers. The fewer coins are minted, the rarer and more valuable they will become.

Coin Condition

The condition of the coin is also crucial. Coins that are in perfect condition, without signs of wear or tear, are rarer and more valuable.

The 1 Real Olympic Coin of Athletics

Now that we understand the rarity of coins, let’s comment on the real value of the athletics coin. The Exclusive Notícias Concursos has prepared a video with all the details of the 1 Real coin from the Olympics of Athletics. Check it out:

The 17 Coins of 1 Real from the Olympic Games

Here is the list of the 17 coins of 1 real from the Olympic games:

  1. Coin of the Olympic flag delivery (2012)
  2. Athletics (2014)
  3. Swimming (2014)
  4. Para Triathlon (2014)
  5. Golf (2014)
  6. Basketball (2015)
  7. Sailing (2015)
  8. Paracanoeing (2015)
  9. Rugby (2015)
  10. Soccer (2015)
  11. Volleyball (2015)
  12. Paralympic Athletics (2015)
  13. Judo (2015)
  14. Boxing (2016)
  15. Paralympic Swimming (2016)
  16. Mascot Vinícius (2016)
  17. Mascot Tom (2016)

How and Where to Sell Rare Coins?

There are several ways to sell rare coins. In addition to specialized stores and auctions, Facebook groups, online marketplaces (such as Mercado Livre and Shopee), and direct sales to collectors are also an excellent platform for selling rare coins.

Selling Coins on Facebook

On Facebook, it is possible to find offers from groups focused on the purchase and sale of rare coins.

Selling Coins on Mercado Livre and Shopee

If you are interested in selling your coins directly, a great option is also advertised on these sales platforms. Many people trade coins daily through Shopee and Mercado Livre.

Selling Coins to Collectors

The Notícias Concursos YouTube channel is buying some coins.

Did you know that some rare Olympic 1 Real coins are worth thousands of dollars? An athletics coin from 2014 recently sold for nearly $5,000. The market for rare coins is hot, and it might be worth checking your piggy bank for these valuable treasures!

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