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Cláudio Henrique, a doctor, and Bruna Ribeiro, an architect, both renowned in the Shalom Catholic Community, shared a touching story that has touched hearts. The young family faced a delicate situation during the final stages of the pregnancy of twins, a moment that tested their faith and unconditional love.

The father’s account, Cláudio, three weeks before the birth, revealed that during a routine ultrasound, the baby Felipe was diagnosed with bilateral renal agenesis, a malformation incompatible with life. The couple faced a devastating emotional challenge but chose to find meaning in the tragedy. They chose to embrace the grace of eternity and holiness for their soon-to-be-born son.

On October 15th, the long-awaited birth arrived. Helena was born first, healthy and full of life, filling the room with her vigorous cry. Then, Felipe came into the world, also crying, but with some marks from his difficult journey. The neonatologists acted quickly, and Felipe was baptized by Father Ticiano right in the delivery room. However, it soon became evident that his condition was not responding specifically, despite all medical efforts.

Cláudio Henrique and Bruna made the decision to embrace Felipe in their arms and await his last breath. The family had the opportunity to share love and serenity with their son, providing him with an hour of life filled with affection. The moment was undeniably brief but deeply serene, an experience that a family will hold in their hearts forever.

Amid the pain and farewell, the family’s faith appeared unshakable. They believe that God loved them in this episode of life in a unique way and affirm that His grace and love will continue to manifest in creative and concrete ways.

Cláudio Henrique expressed the desire for everyone to feel the peace that comes from the certainty of God’s love for them. The couple wishes to proclaim loud and clear that everyone is loved by God and that the hope they had for Felipinho’s healing was not lost in his death but became a pillar of faith in their lives.

This story of courage and serenity, lived by this young family from Fortaleza, serves as a powerful reminder of how love and hope can shine even in the most difficult situations.

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